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Asia Cruises


The exotic destination of the Far East & Orient have fascinated visitors with their traditions, stunning beauty, rich history and cultural heritage. Most itineraries call at ports within Japan and Eastern China, the South China Sea, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean and India. The majority of these voyages are 10 days or more, though there are a few seven-day cruises also available. Most cruise lines offer extensive pre and post land packages to further your experience to this exotic destination. Visitors will be enchanted by the temples, forests, beaches, vibrant markets and sophisticated cities. Shop for fine antiques, Chinese jade, jewelery, silks, and designer goods.

The Far East is a winter sun destination, with a good amount of rain year-round. Enjoy the mix of breathtaking scenery and steel skylines. The Far East & Orient is a destination that has opened its majestic palace doors, welcoming you to explore. Contrast this natural beauty with electric Hong Kong; the next stop on your itinerary. Visit great cities such as Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Muroran, Beijing, Vitenam, Cambodia, and Laosas well as the exotic wonders of Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Asia is full of ancient cultures, unparalleled in exotic beauty and mysticism. From Southeast Asia to the Far East and India, explore the myriad customs and traditions of each one. The fascinating countries of Vietnam, China, Japan and Thailand are equally amazing and yet vastly different. See the great Buddhas of Bangkok or experience a whirlwind shopping-spree in Hong Kong. Explore the temples of Japan and the monuments of Beijing. The magic never ends on this side of the world.

The Silk Road, the Spice Route and Xanadu beckon. Wander among ornate gilded pavilions, ancient temples, modern skyscrapers and bustling street markets filled with foreign and wonderful fruits and vegetables, not to mention just about everything else imaginable. Asia is really an escape of a lifetime.


Southeast Asia & China
Experience the highlights of Asia on this spectacular cruise through Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Southeast Asia & India
Stand in awe of Angkor Wat on our first-ever call in Cambodia. Explore the floating market of Thailand and discover Sri Lankan culture en route to India.

China & Far East


Head to the exotic ports of the Far East and see the major attractions of Japan, Shanghai and China, as well as lesser-known parts, such as easternmost Russia.