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Australia Cruises


Come and experience life “down under”. Discover Australia and New Zealand! English is the dominant language “down under”. Australia’s wild country known as the outback, also offers superb beaches and surfing. Within this guide you will see just how different these 2 really are with Australia being one of the flattest land masses on the planet, its highest point rising 7,310 feet above sea level and New Zealand being extremely mountainous, with Mount Cook towering over 12,000 feet. Australia offers an incredible variety of wildlife including kangaroos, koala bears, wombats and the unique platypus. Southeast of Australia also in the South Pacific, is New Zealand. Comprising two main islands – known simply as South Island and North Island as well as many small islets.

Smaller than Australia, New Zealand has many natural features and recreational opportunities and activities. The North Island features the busy metropolis and is home to the world yacht racing capital of Auckland. The South Island offers mountainous terrain and glaciers. Cruise itineraries through Australia and New Zealand include longer Pacific voyages and are often part of World Cruise itineraries. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, the summer begins in December there, however the mild climates makes both destinations attractive cruise choices during any time of the year.


Enjoy a harbor cruise for the best views of Sydney, visit the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, dive in down under at the Great Barrier Reef that covers 80,000 sq miles, tour the Rotoruas boiling mud pools, and dont miss the home of the America’s Cup winning Kiwis, Auckland, Bay of Islands (New Zealand) If experiencing New Zealand’s natural treasures, forest and water-intensive activities is important to you, this may be the highlight of your entire cruise. This is prime sailing territory, so look for the chance to participate in guided sailing excursions. If your ship offers charter-fishing trips, and you’re so inclined, this is (according to Zane Grey) one of the top deep-sea fishing locations on the planet.

Australia and New Zealand provide some of the most unique and beautiful landscapes in the world. Spotlight the bustling metropolises of Sydney and Auckland, plus the incredible wildlife on land and at sea, and you have all the elements for a truly memorable vacation. From the sophistication of the Opera House and the world-class wineries, to the rugged individualism of the Outback and its inhabitants, Australia and New Zealand possess a wonderful diversity of sights, activities and cultures. Few travel experiences can rival the excitement of sailing into the glistening harbors of Sydney and Auckland, as well as inspiring attractions, such as scenic Fiordland National Park and the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, just to name a few.

Forest and shoreline hiking will expose you both to evidence of the first Maori communities encountered by Europeans and to what was once the booming, swashbuckling whaling and maritime center of life in New Zealand.The summer begins in December there, however the mild climates makes both destinations attractive cruise choices during any time of the year. Australia’s typhoon season runs from December 1 – May 30, and affects such ports of call as Brisbane and Cairns more than Sydney. Since New Zealand is south of the cyclone belt, it is not affected. Plan your Australia & New Zealand cruise today! A great cruise vacation begins “down under”.