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Europe Cruises

Stand in awe before the works of Michelangelo in Italy or Gaudm’s distinctive architecture in Spain. Wonder at delicate masterpieces in Oslo’s Hadeland Glassworks. Witness the remains of ancient civilizations in Greece and Turkey. Tour Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia. From the fjords of Norway to the waterways of Venice to the ruins of the Mediterranean, explore the richness and beauty of Europe in a totally new way. You can also bring your adventure inland on a Europe Cruisetour – a unique combination of cruise vacation and land tour by luxury motorcoach or train. Venture from Barcelona, Spain to Madrid and Toledo; explore the streets of London, England and the famous Champs Ilysies in Paris, France; or head to the English countryside and show your kids the real landscapes and castles as seen in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”* Each port has its own must-see attractions, including: the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Naples, the famous Adriatic fortress in Dubrovnik and the romantic canals of Venice. Your dream cruise vacation is here. If you’re ready for the cruise vacation of a lifetime, you’ve found it.



Stand atop the Rock of Gibraltar Follow the path of the Grand Prix circuit along the French Riviera Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ireland’s largest church Stroll through George’s Square in Glasgow Take a boat ride to the spectacular island of Capri


Areas of Interest

Great Britain and Ireland
Away from the bustle and excitement of London, Great Britain and Ireland can be beautiful places to discover the past. Explore grand castles and sprawling country estates. And tour the countryside with its charming villages and natural wonders.

The Mediterranean
The Mediterranean has always been celebrated for its sunlit beauty and its mouth-watering cuisine. You won’t be disappointed by this beautiful region. Its cities and towns are as charming as its people.

From the natural beauty of Norway’s fjords to the awe-inspiring grace of Scandinavian architecture, you’ll discover a culture and history like no other.

What to Pack

Casual clothes are perfect for days onboard; comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes are a must. And don’t forget your camera and binoculars, so you don’t miss a thing.

For evening wear, count on three basic types of attire: Casual: Dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men
Smart Casual: Dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men
Formal: Cocktail dresses for women, suits and ties or tuxedos for men (you can usually arrange to rent a tuxedo onboard)

Ashore, if you plan to visit the museums and cathedrals of Europe, it’s always wise to dress conservatively. Sleeveless tops and shorts are generally not allowed.

If you are cruising to Northern Europe, remember that nights on deck can be cool. Bring sweaters, jackets and long pants. You may also want to bring a raincoat, hiking shoes and a travel umbrella.